Attitude is contagious! Set yourself free.

Be careful who you hang around because positivity breeds positivity and negativity breeds negativity.

It was recently revealed that in 2012 Facebook conducted a social experiment – they diluted some user’s news feeds with either positive or negative posts, to see if it had an effect on the emotions revealed through their status updates. Apparently it did, with those users who had an abundance of positive posts writing more positive status updates and likewise for the opposite.

You can read more about that here.

It has been more than a year since I quit Facebook and at this point there is no way I’m returning.  I was being way too influenced by other people’s emotions and finding it difficult to “switch off” my monkey mind. The flooding of other people’s opinions was overwhelming. Now that I am unplugged I am more easily able to think for myself.

There have been some drawbacks though. I haven’t been taking as many photos. Facebook was a great encouragement for that as I was able to easily display the photos for friends and family overseas. That is something that I am aware that I need to work on, for my own personal records and also because I need to make more time to do the things I love.

I am also no longer invited to as many events, which for me is a relief.  When I received most Facebook invites I wondered if I was being invited because someone really wanted to see me or because they saw my name on the invite list and decided to tick the box.

Part of my hesitancy to leave the Facebook click was that I would miss out on ideas and information. As I am currently finishing off my soon to be built house, if I was on Facebook it would be quite easy for me to put a call out for flooring recommendations etc. But you know what? Everything that I have needed has come to me. And it has come to me more easily than when I was on Facebook because it hasn’t come along with all that added Facebook B.S.

I am now much more “in my own body”. I am able to release built up energy quicker than before. I am no longer attached to people whose energy is just no good for me. My bullshit meter is stronger than ever. My intuition has heightened because I’m simply not bombarded with so much crap.

I know life without Facebook is not for everyone, and full disclosure it’s a very quick way to find out who your real friends are and who genuinely wants to be connected to you. After reaching out to people a few times who I frequently connected to on Facebook and simply not getting a response my “circle” is now smaller. But it’s quality, not quantity that I value.

As an empath, releasing my Self from Facebook’s chains has been freeing on so many levels. I am so grateful that I took that leap.

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